new approach for media planning!

Our revolutionary approach allows you to make faster and more accurate planning decisions by integrating Big Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence into your strategies.

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What is the magic?

Advertisers today have so much data from previous campaigns that it’s impossible to process.
But with MMLab, it becomes feasible not only to process this data, but to put it to good use! Analyzing vast amounts of data

Patented technology

Mathematicians, analysts and advertisers have teamed up to make fantastic technology and have patented their work.

USPTO:455-001 patent application and figures

We process data so quickly that we only need 6 minutes to create a full-fledged media plan at millions of operations per second!
How AI can upgrade your work
  • Media spending

    Create media plans with one button using our algorithm. Qualitative and easy!

    8 minTo generate a media plan

  • Put it all together in an instant!

    Connect advertising platforms and you’re ready to create huge amount of media plans faster than ever.

    2 minTo update an active media plan

  • Tiring reports? Pff...

    We believe that crunching numbers is the task. So let them do it.

    16 minTo process half a year of data

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Available smart tools

I see great potential in the product MMLab is building. I think this platform will take over routine work and save a lot of media planner's time. Offering a unique AI-powered technology MMLab streamlines the planning process.

Cameron Tow, Media Director Media Matters Worldwide

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